Course Description

So many possibilities! It's hard to decide on what to do next.

We get that.

There are so many possibilities. The world is changing so rapidly. How can you be certain that the choice you settle on will really make you happy? Don't worry, we're here to help.

That's why we've made this course!

This short course will give you a path, a checklist, and the tools to help you choose a direction for the next little while. One aligned with who you are - deep down, and what you want to experience in life. You'll also have the support of your peers, soon to be friends, who are going through exactly the same thing. Friends who have your back.

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About the instructor

John Orian
John Orian
Venture Creation Project Manager

After a 35 year career as a Project Manager, John found his true calling in Play At Creation, a game to play for the 2nd half of his life.

His purpose, to Savour Life's Experiences, is what Play At Creation is built around. Its intent is to inspire, train and support you, so that you too can choose and live your adventures, ones that will help you live a life you truly love.

Have John guide your decisions and get his help making your chosen adventure come to life. Get the support of his community of positive, happy, and generous people; people just like you.

Contact John by email at ...

Buy $197.00

What you'll learn

  • Learn what it means 'To PLAY', and how to treat your adventures as games.

  • Remember what made you happy before, and decide what will make you happy in the future.

  • Learn what lights you up, and what brings you down.

  • Create your Personal North Star to guide your choices.

  • Discover what you really value.

  • Choose your first adventure.

Buy $197.00