What you'll learn

When people are starting out in their careers they are typically missing the soft skills
such as project management, communication, and budgeting.

Get a head start on your competition. Learn and practice applying these skills now.

  • Project Management

    Learn how to organize your projects. Know who will do what and when. Plan and track progress. Understand the impacts of what actually happens. Play your part well so the team wins.

  • Communication

    Through regular practice, become skilled at evaluating and expressing even the toughest problems. Help your teammates to contribute to the solution enthusiastically and to their best ability.

  • Budgeting

    Know how to estimate and manage costs. Keep your stakeholders well apprised of how well actual costs are tracking against the budget. Ensure they are never surprised by cost overruns.

What's covered in this program

As you launch your career, it's vital that you are able to make things happen. This is what your employer desperately needs from everyone in their teams.

Over the four months of this program you'll learn, and more importantly, practice and apply many skills that will enable you to add great value to your employer.

By taking the course as part of a cohort alongside other students you greatly increase the likelihood of completing it. Also, you will learn and internalize so much more than if you were to attempt it on your own.

  • Communicate verbally to both understand and be understood.

  • Write for different audiences so that you cannot be misconstrued.

  • Learn project management basics on which you'll build your Make It Happen reputation.

  • Divide & Conquer complex initiatives with a simple, organized and methodical process.

  • Create a Roadmap of your initiative so that all stakeholders understand the path ahead.

  • Assess risks and decide how to manage them. Understand the impact of triggered contingent actions.

  • Estimate and track expected effort and costs, and understand the impact when actuals are not as planned.

  • Create a budget for each initiative, and manage it so that there are no surprises.

  • Track what's happening on your initiatives, and report what stakeholders need to know.

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A small investment of time and effort now will pay huge dividends over the course of your career.

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