Your quest in 3 parts

Take your time to reflect deeply.


    Choose experiences that
    will make you happy.

    Create your Personal North Star
    and Vision Boards
    to guide your decisions.

    Be bold!
    Whatever you choose is RIGHT!


    Evaluate alternatives.
    Choose one to start with.

    Complete your IKIGAI diagram
    to confirm your path.

    Use a Venture Canvas and
    the Tornado Method
    to design your venture.


    Take action to
    make your selected venture real!

    Use Make It Happen SPRINTs
    to focus your effort
    and build momentum.

    Be brave!
    It's YOUR story. Own it!

Options for playing ...

1. Quest Pilot - By invitation only.

2. Coming July 2019. The DIY version.

3. Coming July 2019. Massive support for a small band of adventurers!

  • $5,000.00

    Quest Pilot.

    By invitation only (email

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  • $1,000.00

    DIY. Online course content.

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  • $5,000.00

    Play in a group

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Take action now!

Dare to choose those experiences
that make your life worth living,

and make them come true!

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